Lohan leaves Beverly Hills rental

Lohan leaves Beverly Hills rental

After a seemingly never-ending series of negative press reports, actress Lindsay Lohan finally has a bit of positive publicity on her hands.  The media has been having a great time making a meal out of her appearance on Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo and the fact that she apparently refused to return furniture worth around $250,000 after banning cameras from her rental accommodation in Beverly Hills.

The episode was aired last Tuesday but was actually filmed back in the summer, and as of seven months later the troubled 26-year-old actress has since made a move from the three-bedroom property, which is now on the market once again for a cool $10,450 rent per month.

The good news is that, given her reputation, many might have thought that the starlet would have left the place in poor condition following her relocation, but apparently this is most definitely not the case. This is according to a source close to the situation, who confided in omg! “Lindsay left it immaculate,” the insider insists.  “No work had to be done to get it ready for the next occupant.  She was actually a great tenant.”

On the other hand, despite moving in last February, Lohan barely seems to have spent any time at the 2,500 square foot Georgian-style home, preferring to live for at least two months at the Chateau Marmont while filming Liz & Dick.  In recent months, Lohan has also been dividing her time between London and New York City.