London Olympic Games ever closer

London Olympic Games ever closer

The Olympic Games can be traced back to ancient times.  These games were slightly different than the modern version, which began in the 1800s.  Still, whenever the winter or summer Olympic Games get ready to start, it is fun to look back at the ancient times to see how history has evolved.

Do you think that back in ancient times hundreds of policemen and army chiefs were present for the athletes and attendees’ safety?  Perhaps traffic to the games was at a standstill for four hours due to safety concerns?  Actually, in ancient times it was more likely that it took four days to arrive at the Coliseum for the games rather than there being a traffic jam to the gaming venue.

US hurdler Kerron Clement and several others were stuck in London’s traffic for four hours due to traffic.  A drive that would normally take 45 minutes was definitely increased due to many others trying to get to the venue.  There were also some difficulties with Olympic-only lanes on the A4 and A40.  These lanes have yet to be opened, so traffic to the Olympic Village is going through standard London traffic.

When you consider that the Olympic Games have been around since about 776BC, it is shocking that certain issues are still prevalent.  Before it was a matter of having slow traveling methods, now it is a matter of too many people unable to use their fast cars and vehicles on jammed highways.  Boxing, wrestling, equestrian events and javelin throws were some of the events of the ancient games as well as now, so while some things have changed others have remained the same.

For those who cannot travel to England for the games, there are plenty of ways to catch what you might miss.  The games officially open July 27th 2012.  NBC announced that it would provide live feeds online for those wanting to catch up on what they might be missing. Others with DVRs and other recording devices can make certain they tape some of the events they would definitely want to see.

As always there will be day events broadcasted on NBC throughout the week, with many highlights at night.  At night there will also be broadcasted events, such as finals that occur later than the semi-finals during the day.  It is important for anyone wishing to see the Games to make certain that they check all of the channels, such as USA and NBC, to make certain that they are able to catch all of the events that they wish to see.  Since multiple events occur at the same time during the games, it will definitely pay to have the ability to tape more than one channel or to catch up with online highlights and videos.

Some of the top US names will be going to the Olympics, including Michael Phelps.  Phelps has certainly been a star in the last two Olympic Games and will most likely set a new record in how many medals in an Olympic career an Olympian has.

Jon Huser