Long Distance Moves Can Affect Relationships

Long Distance Moves Can Affect Relationships

Moving across the country can be hard on anyone.  The amount of planning and activity involved can cause stress with your family, your job, and certainly your relationships.  Relocation can affect your relationship with your spouse or partner in both negative and positive ways.  Many couples are brought closer together during such time while others tend to fight more than ever.

Relocation and Employment

In order to understand how relocation will impact a relationship it is important to understand why you are moving.  If the move is for a better job, at least one of you is looking forward to the change in salary and opportunity.  This means that the other spouse may have to sacrifice his or her own job.  You will need to sit down and listen to each other.  Does having a better job outweigh any negative outcomes for the other spouse?

Financial Effects

Your finances will definitely affect your relationship during a long distance move.  Many couples fight over money, so in order to have control over your finances and reduce such stresses during and after the move is to sit down and figure out a budget.  If the cost of living is less in the new city, you will have more disposable income – possible date night!  If it is more, you will need to work harder to control your finances.

A long distance move is a big change for everyone involved.  So, just remember, when moving across the country, do your best to keep the lines of communication open.

– Lance Grooms