Lower Manhattan moving on

Lower Manhattan moving on

Even 11 years after the 9/11 attacks on the United States, Lower Manhattan continues to move forward from that day without forgetting.  More families have moved back into the area, and businesses too.

Every day New York welcomes the sight of the construction of the new World Trade Center complex.  Last year the memorial was completed and thousands flocked to see it and pay their respects.  Today, One World Trade Center, which is scheduled for completion in 2013, is already the tallest building in New York.  The development of the new 105-story commercial building is a sight for sore eyes. Upon completion, some of the most important companies in the city plan on moving into the building.

The designers decided that instead of two towers, the complex would feature only one. This was in an effort to look towards the future and become a new symbol of strength and hope for the city and American people.  In fact, the height of One World Trade Center is symbolic – at 1,776 feet high, it represents the year in which America signed the Declaration of Independence.

Like the original complex, the new World Trade Center will have seven buildings.  Seven World Trade Center, the only original building left, was rebuilt and completed in 2006.  Two World Trade Center and Three World Trade Center are both due for completion in 2015.  Five years later, we should see the completion of Five World Trade Center.  Six World Trade Center has not yet been started.  Four World Trade Center, where the Port Authority will move into their new headquarters, will be completed sometime next year.

Lance Grooms