Madonna is on the move

Madonna is on the move

Madonna has put her home in Manhattan up for sale.  The duplex, which is situated in Central Park West, spans 6,000 square feet and is described as being a ‘low-key buy glamorous sanctuary’.  The pop diva’s duplex covers both the fifth and sixth stories of the Harperley Hall building, and has never before been put up for sale.

The duplex includes four separate bedroom wings, which can accommodate as many as seven separate bedrooms, according to the listing, together with a dining room, separate baths, five wood burning fireplaces and apparently ‘endless closet space’.

With nearly 110 feet of frontage to Central Park, it does rather beg the question as to why Madonna would want to move at all, but the real estate blog Curbed thinks it has the answer.  It seems that Madonna’s neighbors have been kicking up a stink about her playing loud music, as well as her dancing around “so loudly that that the apartment above would shake”.  Consider this in addition to the maintenance fees of $11,000 per month and suddenly it is perhaps not so hard to understand why the singer would opt for relocation.  Then again, maybe she just feels like a change of scenery, and with mansions in Beverly Hills, The Hamptons and just across the city, she is certainly not short of options.

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