Madonna’s teen daughter moves out

Madonna’s teen daughter moves out

Madonna’s teenage daughter is apparently intent on leaving home to get away from her mother. 16-year-ld Lourdes is apparently set to move out of the family home because she is sick of her life in the spotlight and fed up to the back teeth of her celebrity mom’s strict rules, British tabloid newspaper The Sun is claiming.

“Madonna is a strict parent, but Lourdes has been rebelling,” a source allegedly told the newspaper. “She’s also fed up being in the spotlight. That’s why she didn’t go on stage during Madonna’s tour.” The teenager is apparently planning to flee from her mother’s clutches by organizing a course at the Bard College performing arts school, which is located just outside of New York City.

Lourdes is also allegedly demonstrating just how serious she is about going her own way by intending to pay for the course herself, using the money that she has earned from her Material Girl teenage clothing line, which she started with her 54-year-old mother.

Lourdes will need the money for her relocation too, given that the university she intends to go to, which is rated as being one of the most liberal in the whole of the United States, most certainly does not come cheap. Apparently, however, one of Lourdes’ closest friends has already applied to Bard College and now Lourdes, who is Madonna’s eldest child of four, is hoping to be able to join her.

Jon Huser