Making Your Home Clutter-Free Before a Sale

Making Your Home Clutter-Free Before a Sale

Guarantee a good house sale by removing your clutter.It’s pretty evident that professionally decorated homes sell faster than those that aren’t decorated so nicely.  But we also know that not everyone getting ready to move has the money to pay a professional decorator or designer.  So, if you want to sell your house quickly, one way to make sure this happens is to make it look as good as possible by making it clutter-free and clean.

Clearing the clutter can systematically and fundamentally improve the look of your home.  So, what do you consider clutter?  Basically, clutter is anything that you aren’t using on a day-to-day basis and could include just about anything.  Here are some tips on how to clear the clutter from your home before you relocate.

•    Get rid of outdated canned foods, spices, and packaged foods from the pantry.
•    Sell or donate any unused or rarely used appliances like countertop mixers, indoor grills, and griddles.
•    Throw away, sell, or donate mismatched cups, utensils, pots, pans, and glassware.
•    Get rid of worn out bath mats and towels.
•    Donate or sell clothing, shoes, and linens that you no longer use.
•    Clear away knick-knacks, boxes, and excess hangers.
•    Make sure any exercise equipment is stored properly.
•    Clean out the magazine rack.
•    Reduce wall art and photos throughout your home.

Though we are all guilty of keeping stuff around the house, when you are getting ready to move losing the clutter is essential.   When you clean out your home and make it clutter-free, you can also make a little money on the side.  Have a moving sale to earn extra cash for the small expenditures.

Lance Grooms