Making your office move easier

Making your office move easier

Business relocation is not only about getting into a different size space for your downsizing or expansion, but also about how it can help your business overall.  There are six tips we can offer to make your office move a little easier.

Financially it is important to be able to make the office move.  If you lack the funds to move, you could be hurting your company more than it will repair itself.  Utilities are another factor.  If you live in a large city with your business, you might have boroughs or suburbs with a different tax structure.  Your utilities could increase if you move out of your current location.

Leasing is obviously a big consideration for your business relocation.  The space you lease should be based on the cost of the lease and the size, but you also want to analyze the time it would take you or your clients to get to the office space.  If traffic is going to be an issue it could affect your business.  Entrances into the parking lot can also make a big difference with location.  Is it easy to get in and out of?  These are certainly things you will need to look for when viewing the office space.

The area and the landlord will be considerations to make too.  The landlord should be someone you can respect and trust in terms of the contract.  They do not need to be a friend, but they should be someone you can work with.

Jon Huser