Mary J Blige in Rock of Ages

Mary J Blige in Rock of Ages

There are many star names in the movie Rock of Ages, which is a Broadway adaptation.  Tom Cruise will headline as the strip club singer, but Mary J. Blige will also play an important role.  She recently told the press that to get into her role she decided to look at her own history.

The character she will be playing is a young woman who is a ‘protector’, who will not be stuck in a strip club for life.  She also infused the role with power; the character was stripped of her power, which is why she ended up in a strip club, but she would not remain there because she would fight to get back her power.  According to Blige, this is very close to her own story in terms of struggling to have the power to stand up against those who would try to repress her.

Blige will use a strong personality similar to her own in order to give something back and help where she can.  She will also be in a documentary called Invisible War. This documentary is about the rape of women who are in the US military.  She wanted to take on this other role to give voice to those who have suffered.  She hopes it will save a life.

Invisible War will be launching soon, but before that Rock of Ages will be in theatres for the weekend for those interested in seeing the story.

Jon Huser