Medical Care and Facilities When You Move Overseas

Medical Care and Facilities When You Move Overseas

If you are going to move overseas, it is important that you are informed ahead of time about the quality of medical care in your new country. What if you or a family member gets sick or has special needs once you move?

Getting Sick Overseas

One of the most common concerns of those relocating internationally is the possibility of becoming sick and needing medical attention.  Do you really know what to expect in your new country?  Depending on where you will be moving, you may be able to rely on the local medical services or not.  Before you move, it is important that you do as much research as possible so that there are no surprises.

One of the main problems when you move overseas is the language barrier.  However, in the medical field, it seems as though English has become a common language.  Many doctors in various countries speak English, while their staff may not. However, regardless of the language, you should definitely check out the emergency facilities.

If a medical emergency does come up after you’ve moved overseas, you may not have to deal with it on your own.  Consulates and embassies can often assist expatriates in contacting medical professionals.

What about dental care once you move?  Some countries just don’t offer acceptable dental care.  If that is the case, check into which neighboring country does have good dental practitioners.  What you know can save you both time and money.

Jon Huser