Memorial Day marks summer

Memorial Day marks summer

Memorial Day is 28th May and it is typically the unofficial beginning to summer.  It is certainly the weekend that tells us school is out and it is time to plan those summer vacations.  For some it means it is time to get out the camera and enroll in summer contests for photography, while others will be thinking more about their upcoming long distance move.  With that being said, it is a time for us all to reflect upon how grateful we are to have the liberties that many men and women have fount to uphold.

 This year, if you are planning to relocate because your lease is up or because you have been offered a new job, it is time to start planning for that long distance move.

Memorial Day weekend tends to be the last weekend in May before or after the 28th.  This year Memorial Day weekend is planned for 26th/27thMay, with Monday being the actual Memorial Day.  If you have a sudden move you might be able to find a moving company or rental truck that is still available, as most people tend to plan parties rather than relocations on this big weekend.  Traveling on the roads on this weekend can be rather dangerous, according to studies, which may cast a little doubt on your move.

Even if you are not ready to move this upcoming weekend, especially for a long distance move, consider it a perfect weekend to check out your new destination.  Las Vegas deals for last minute trips tend to be fairly good if this is your destination.  You may even find that the chance of a ticket to Florida at the last minute is not too bad, depending on the site you use.  Travel this year and in past years has been fairly poor for tourist trades, so pricing on a big holiday where most are driving could certainly help you find a more affordable last minute flight to check out your new location.

Before you relocate or decide what is the best option for your family, it is always a good idea to check out your destination.  You may find it is impossible to move there if you are moving from a place like La Quinta, California to a place like Minnesota.  It is a drastic change, which is why it is very important to check out your new destination.

Relocations require a lot of focus on how to move, the budget, and where you are moving.  Make certain that you plan your move wisely rather than planning haphazardly.  A panic move will cost you more and it may turn out to be the wrong move.  For those who have made quick decisions on something that looked too good to be true, it is easy to say that you really do need to plan, evaluate, and consider all of the options before making a firm stand on relocation.  Things can sound great, such as relocation to a new country for a job that pays better, but look at the whole picture as you plan.