Migrants Revealed by X-Rays

Migrants Revealed by X-Rays

The United States has always been attractive to those wanting a better life.  The great American Dream can be used to explain why so many people have relocated to this country over the years.  But no one ever said the journey was easy or safe.

Earlier this month, x-rays revealed that 513 migrants hoping to have a better life by moving from Mexico were stuffed into trucks crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.  The two trucks were heading for the United States and were discovered just before the border. The trucks in question held people from Guatemala, Nepal, China, and other countries in their trailers.

Quite a few of the immigrants were severely dehydrated from the harsh conditions inside the trucks.  People were crammed in and had to hold on to cargo ropes inside in an effort to remain upright.  Though air holes were punched into the tops of the containers, air was still tight.  And there wasn’t any water as they moved along on their journey.

We can’t imagine the heat that must have been inside the trucks.  Experts have also shared the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of undocumented migrants are actually kidnapped each year and held for ransom by Mexican drug gangs.  None of the 513 would say whether the Mexican cartel was involved or if this was a forced relocation.

Many of the migrants that cross the U.S. borders illegally do so in hopes of getting work and sending money home to their families.  There is no work in their native countries and people are forced to move to save their own lives, though at much peril.

Those individuals caught smuggling the migrants in, were arrested.

Jon Huser