Military Moves and Portable Storage Units

Military Moves and Portable Storage Units

If you are in the military, you’ve probably already become quite adept at moving.  Typically speaking, most military families relocate every two or three years.  Where you go and how frequently you move does depend on the branch of service and specialty.

When it comes to moving with the military, you could be relocated overseas or just to another state.  Because you may be transferred almost anywhere there is a base, storage and military moves often go hand-in-hand.  For example, if you move to an overseas base, your furniture and some other belongings may not survive the trip – or fit in your new quarters.  That’s where storage comes in.

Moving with the military also often involves a maximum weight limit, which you are likely to surpass if you take everything with you.  Or, if you are deployed, you simply can’t take it all, either.  Many military families have become quite familiar with portable storage units.  They are convenient, easy to deal with, and allow for a stress-free relocation.

If you’re doing a DITY military move, a portable storage unit can actually serve as both your moving truck and storage facility.  If the military is handling the relocation, the portable unit can used simply for storage.  Here’s how it works:

A portable storage unit is delivered to your address.  You take your time loading it up – and don’t worry about the elements; they’re weatherproof.  Once you’re ready, the storage and moving company will pick up the unit and either transport it to your next place of residence or hold it at their facility until further notice.

Jon Huser