Military moves to Africa?

Military moves to Africa?

An announcement was made in the US media on Thursday stating that the US military may move into Africa.  There is talk that the US military move to Africa is intended to expand its presence there with more bases, special operations, drones, troops, private contractors and trainers.

It seems that in recent years there has been a definite move by the military to put more US troops into Africa.  The person who released the news stated that it was the intention of the Obama administration to get into Africa.  Mali is considered the beginning of the US forces moving into Africa.  The chances are that they are going to be solidly in Africa in the coming years, at least if the Obama administration has anything to say about it.  This year’s election has just become more complicated with the announcement.

The US military is supposedly going to create a superhighway of transportation both in ships and on the ground.  The idea is to have small camps and airfields to grow the US military presence in the country.  If this one report is believed, it means that the US is already making its move into Africa to establish power.  The announcement was not made public by the administration, military or any spokesperson for the US.  It was made by Nick Turse, associate editor of Mr Turse recounted events seen in Africa, in which metal containers and military personnel were apparently seen.

Relationships have already been established, to some extent, as a result of all of the help that some of the poor regions in Africa have received from the US.