Military Rentals: How to Find a Safe Home for Your Family

Military Rentals: How to Find a Safe Home for Your Family

The recent push to renovate aging government housing has forced many military families  into relocation within the civilian community.  Making a move like this presents some challenges—most notably, how to find a safe rental home for your family.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, start by checking with reputable local realtors for a list of quality rental properties available.  This will help direct your relocation search.

The best way to check out a property you’re interested in is to visit at different times of day.  This will give you a lot of insight about potential problems like blaring music, people loitering, and police activity before you commit to a move.

See if you can talk with the current tenant or a neighbor about the property and the area.  Arming yourself with as much information as possible is a great way to help you feel better about your move.

Before you call the moving company, think about contacting the local police department.  You should be able to get statistics about crime rates in the area you’re considering.

If you’ve got school-aged children, you may want to do a reverse relocation search.  Start by finding a good school district and then look for available rental properties in that area.

Finding a safe rental home for your military family doesn’t have to be difficult.  Take the time to do your homework and you’ll find a great place to call home.

Jon Huser