More information released about Colorado movie theater tragedy

More information released about Colorado movie theater tragedy

The midnight showing of Batman on Friday in Aurora, Colorado was supposed to be a night of excitement, but for one movie theater and over 100 people it turned into a night of terror.

There were 12 victims who died of gunshot wounds after a mass shooter opened fire at Century 16 Movie Theater at Aurora Town Center Mall.  The youngest to die of gunshot wounds was just six years old.  All 12 victims have been named now.  Among these were Gordon Cowden, Jessica Ghawi, Alex Sullivan, Micayla Medek, Rebecca Wingo, Alexander Teves, Jonathan Blunk, Alexander Boik, and Veronica Moser Sullivan.

This incident has created international concern, including the cancellation of Paris’ premier of Batman.  It has also opened up the debate about gun control in the US yet again.  The suspect moved to Colorado from San Diego and planned out his crime over the last few months.  Many are asking why he did such a thing, including setting up trip wires at his apartment with unidentified liquid in bottles that were rigged to explode.

Unfortunately the why might be hard to answer, even if the suspect admits to everything he has done.  For the families of the victims, the why is less important than making certain that those who perished are remembered and focused on, and not the man who took their lives.  One family member said he did not want the shooter to be remembered.  The shooter does not deserve to be remembered, unlike the victims who can no longer live their dreams.