More troops off to Moray

More troops off to Moray

A major announcement regarding the future of Kinloss Barracks in the United Kingdom is expected to be made before Christmas by the Ministry of Defense.  Reports over the weekend imply that the former base for the RAF Nimrod maritime defense aircraft, now disbanded, will be included in the next batch of military reorganizations taking place throughout the United Kingdom.

More than 700 troops belonging to the 39 Engineer Regiment took control of the Moray base in the summer from the RAF after their relocation from Cambridgeshire, and it is thought that the Ministry of Defense is intending to move more troops to Kinloss.

Where the army intends to relocate approximately 20,000 troops who are currently based in Germany is an announcement that is believed to be imminent, with 50% of the German troops expected to be back in the United Kingdom by 2015 and the rest to be recalled five years after that.

Business leaders in Moray are also waiting to hear the news from the Ministry of Defense as to whether it plans to sell for industrial use any of the spare capacity in Kinloss Barracks, with expressions of interest having been made by a number of businesses.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense last week confirmed that it intends to make an announcement during December, which will include details about Kinloss Barracks.  It is anticipated that the Ministry of Defense will also have made plans for the future of RAF Leuchars.

Rick Wozniak