Mortgage Crisis Forces Movers to Get Creative

Mortgage Crisis Forces Movers to Get Creative

Mortgage Crisis Forces MoversThe sub-prime mortgage crisis and ongoing real estate slump have forced many movers to offer additional services to help keep their doors open.  Revenue is down across the board in the residential moving sector—including usually reliable military relocation—and movers are hoping to pick up the slack by jumping into the office move arena.

The problem, according to industry experts, is that residential movers generally have little or no experience with office relocation.

Corporate executives and commercial building managers should take notice of this emerging trend and should exercise caution when hiring a moving company.  Just because the company has an excellent history in residential relocation doesn’t mean they’re equipped for an office move.  This means there’s increased potential for poor quality service and a higher risk of damage to corporate property.

Commercial movers are quick to point out that household moves and business moves are completely different.  A household moving company—even a very good one—may not know how to properly move complex computer equipment or protect a commercial building from damage.  If you’re responsible for planning a corporate relocation, you certainly don’t want a newcomer to office moving learning from its mistakes with your company’s stuff.

This pitfall also has serious implications for building managers who are already struggling to hold on to corporate occupants.  When inexperienced movers bust up an office building, it becomes a turn-off for potential tenants and gives existing tenants even more reason to find greener pastures.

The best way to handle an office move is to hire a moving company with a proven track record and is certified for commercial relocation.

-Lance Grooms