Mouseketeer sued over house fire

Mouseketeer sued over house fire

If you are of a certain age, you definitely know who Annette Funicello is.  If not, maybe it is time you break out your favorite search engine and look up the original Mickey Mouse Club star.  Famous for not only her stint as a mouseketeer but also as Frankie Avalon’s girlfriend in any number of those fun beach party films from the 1960s, Funicello is a spokesperson for multiple sclerosis since she also suffers from the disease.

Though she is not making a comeback, Funicello is in the news again because of something a little more sinister than having a bonfire on the beach.  In March of last year her Los Angeles area home caught on fire, though there are no reports as to why or how.  Thanks to the quick response of the fire department, her old movie posters and house were ultimately saved – the whole thing took only 24 minutes.  She has got some new trouble, however.

Immediately after the fire, three people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation; however, the news didn’t report if the 69-year-old star was among them.  Funicello’s neighbors, however, are now suing her for damages they claim they suffered due to the blaze.  The suit includes financial compensation for medical expenses, cover for wage loss, and property damage.  These neighbors also claim that no one ever cleaned up the charred debris after the fire was put out.

Funicello has since moved to another home and with neighbors like that, who can blame her?  She has not publicly discussed the fire or the lawsuit.