Move on Over to Oklahoma City

Move on Over to Oklahoma City

Over the past few years, Oklahoma City has become one of the most popular destinations for relocation. This is mostly because the city actually has one of the country’s strongest, and most promising, economies. The unemployment rate is fairly low – at 5.2% – while the job growth rate is at about 6.7%, making relocation for work an attractive prospect.
Many people getting ready to move to the state want to know why Oklahoma City is so prosperous. One reason is that one of the largest employment sectors in the area is energy, which has remained steady over the years. Another major sector in Oklahoma City happens to be business services.

Additionally, Oklahoma City is now home to aerospace specialties, so if you work in that sector, you are in luck. One large company that is moving into the area is Boeing. The company is building a facility right in Oklahoma City to house its operations for various projects including the B-1 bomber.

As more and more people move to the city, the skyline is also growing. The end of 2012 will bring the completion of the tallest building in the state, Devon Energy Corporation’s 50-story headquarters. So, if you relocate to Oklahoma City, you can expect a changing skyline.

Though the weather in Oklahoma can be unstable – tornadoes in particular are a problem – the housing prices haven’t really declined over the years. There was a drop this year, but only by 2%. So, if you’re thinking of moving, here are some stats you might like to know:

  • 1.21 million residents
  • $37,928 per capita income
  • $153,014 average home price

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