Move the Kids to Moscow – in Idaho!

Move the Kids to Moscow – in Idaho!

When you move with the entire family, you want to make sure you are relocating to the best place, right? Well, if you’re thinking of moving to Idaho, or have been relocated to the great potato state, Moscow is a great place to raise kids.

Just outside of Lewiston, Moscow is a great little city with about 21,000 residents with a median family income of about $57,000. Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho, so you don’t just have families moving there, you also have plenty of college students. As the school is so large, it is actually the biggest employer in the immediate area.

If your kids aren’t quite college age yet, you’ll be happy to know that Moscow, Idaho is part of the Moscow School District (#281) and has four elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, a charter school, and one alternative high school. In general, the school district performs above the state average.

Moving to a state like Idaho means you’ll be spending a lot of time outside – it’s that beautiful. The family can enjoy the many opportunities for camping, mountain biking, and fishing in the warmer months. In the winter, there is plenty of skiing, snowboarding, and other fun things to do!

Obviously, because the University of Idaho is nestled in the heart of Moscow, it is definitely a college town. If you don’t want to move to a college town, but are still considering Idaho for your next home, another potential home base to add to your short list is Sugar City.

Jon Huser