Move to Mammoth Lakes for Ski Season

Move to Mammoth Lakes for Ski Season

Do you love to ski? Are you looking for a new vacation home? If you aren’t ready to relocate to your favorite skiing village permanently, you may want to buy a ski vacation home for use throughout the peak seasons.

Back in the day when the housing market was strong, it was always a good idea to buy a ski vacation house when the skiers had gone home for the season – in the spring and early summer months. This point of the year has always been the best time to get a good deal on a vacation home.

One of the most popular ski vacation destinations on the west coast is Mammoth Lakes, near Yosemite. The resort town is just about an hour away from Los Angeles by plane or a five- or six-hour drive. So, if you are moving to Los Angeles and are an avid skier, you may want to check out Mammoth Lakes.

But, if you are ready to invest in a ski house, Mammoth Lakes is an ideal location. Not only because of the prime location, but because there are bargains to be had. So, why not move to Mammoth Lakes for the ski season? Condo prices in Mammoth Lakes have dropped up to 60%. This is even true for the best of the houses – one highly coveted home has dropped from $9.5 million to $7.5 million.

The long-admired lodge, built in 2003, offers up to 8,000 square feet of high-end amenities. The house, which has a great deal of character, elegance, and luxury, has a glassed-in eating area, a ¾ acre lot, and spectacular views. Why wait – move in today.

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