Movie Magic This Friday the 13th

Movie Magic This Friday the 13th

Everyone thinks that Friday the 13th is bad luck, but that’s just plain old superstition and the owners of the historic Blairstown Theatre in New Jersey aren’t buying it either.  They are reopening the theatre on Friday, May 13 with a screening of the 1980 cult classic horror film of the same name.  Plans for the big night seem to be moving along swimmingly.

What’s so appropriate about this opening and screening?  Horror movie buffs will already know, but let us fill you in – the original “Friday the 13th” was filmed in and around Blairstown Township and other locations nearby in Warren County.  The film crew moved into the area for a few months, shot the movie, and made history.

In fact, the theatre made a cameo in the film, then with a blood-red façade, right after the opening credits.

The theatre itself has had a long history, originally built 108 years ago as a livery stable.  In 1913 its function moved from being a stable to a movie theatre.  After that, it survived not only a major fire but also a flood before it finally closed down in 1961.

Through the last four decades, owners have moved in and on.  The theatre now has a bright blue exterior and was even used as a venue for concerts starting in 2008.  Shortly thereafter, it went into foreclosure and closed on April 7th.

The newest owners, Mark Clifford and Dave Cinnater, have been cleaning it up and making it ready for its fright night fiesta on Friday the 13th.  We sure hope this historic theatre doesn’t go anywhere!

Jon Huser