Moving a computer properly

Moving a computer properly

Computers are not inexpensive.  You do not want to damage your computer because you have packed the box incorrectly.  There are definitely certain things that can harm your computer.  The following will help you determine the right way to pack your computer and these can even translate to your other electronics.

Before you turn off the computer for the duration of your move, check to ensure there are not any CD’s or DVD’s in the drives.  Backup all of your files if you store them on your computer.  In this way, you are assured that you will not lose them should some damage occur.  Ideally you want to place important files in a lockable box to make certain they are safe for the entire move.

If at all possible pack the computer in the original box it came in.  If this does not work then you need to find a box that provides proper protection.  It should be a similar size to enable you to put padding around the computer case.  It is best to cover the entire computer with special, static-free packing material, even the bottom or side as you lay it in the box.

Put the monitor in its own box.  Also keep the tower separate from the cords.  Most computers allow you to remove even the electrical cord.  Mark each cord so you know where it goes once you set up the computer again.  Do not use packing peanuts as this can actually harm your computer.  Don’t forget, special static-free materials should be used.

Jon Huser