Moving a Mattress with Your Car

Moving a Mattress with Your Car

Today, mattresses are thicker and more comfortable than ever, but they sure can be a real challenge to move on your own.  So, in an effort to help you move your mattress with the greatest of ease, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you.

First of all, when you move a mattress, you have got to prepare for it.  This means you must take measures to protect your mattress during the move.  So, you’ll need to get some thick plastic or a mattress bag from a moving company and some other basic moving implements such as rope, duct tape, scissors, and gloves.

It is definitely possible to move a mattress by securing it to the top of your car.  If you do this, you’ll want to wrap it in a layer or two of plastic and secure it to the vehicle.  A good rule of thumb is to wrap the rope around the mattress at least three times.  Always place the mattress in the center of your car’s roof rather than on the side or on one end.

When you secure your mattress to the roof of the car, you’ll need to open all the windows.  You’ll be looping the rope through the windows and up to the roof of the car to ensure that the mattress does not move as you transport it.  Just remember to not loop anything through the driver’s side door so that you can easily open and close that door.

Jon Huser