Moving an office can be stressful

Moving an office can be stressful

Whether your office move is a short distance or to another state, it can be very stressful.  There are those who have moved so many times that they no longer try to do the work by themselves.  Instead, they just hire a full service company to ensure that the office move is completed without any fuss.  Sometimes it is not possible to leave the office in the hands of the professionals, but you can at least make certain that the professional movers have everything in hand, only leaving you with directing what goes or what stays.  There are quite a few tips that can be offered to make a move a little easier.

Planning ahead is definitely important, but sometimes it is more about what you decide to leave behind than the amount of planning you do.  There will be a short time where you will lose a little work because you are busy moving.  If the office move is in the same city, this can hopefully be a day or two.  If you keep the move on the weekends, this can also mean that you have reduced the amount of downtime your company has.

It is certainly in your best interest to plan for the unexpected, such as delayed time on delivery of new office furniture or trouble with the roads for the movers.  You can never tell when there will be an accident, detour or blockage on the roads that could delay things a little bit.  Obviously with technology today you can keep up to date with everything that happens, although you should still be prepared in the event of delays.  For instance, do not plan for the opening ceremony of your new office a day after the move should be complete.

When you move you can use that time as an excuse to upgrade your office equipment.  If you have old computer monitors, towers and other equipment that is not really helpful to your business, you can make certain to upgrade to new technology.  After all, there is no sense in moving all your stuff when you can get something new for around the same cost as having to move the old stuff.  Your company will also benefit from the efficiency of new equipment, allowing you to make the money back from the purchase of the new equipment during the first few months of use.

You can also use your mobile phone and other mobile devices to help you move.  The apps on these different components will certainly make it easier for you to track everything that is going on with the office move.  Applications can also help you from losing any data when you replace the old computers because you can download everything you need to a cloud application rather than allowing that data to be stuck on an old machine.

Gene Salaz