Moving an office in the digital era

Moving an office in the digital era

As the world around us has progressed, so too has the world of business.  Society is continuing its inexorable march towards a paperless environment, with information now being stored on a series of servers and networks rather than in desks or filing cabinets.

Paper is rapidly becoming an anachronism and the green movement has assisted with the ushering in of the new digital age, with the clutter caused by all of that loose paper now less of an issue for movers; instead, the relocation of an office these days entails the disconnection and transportation of electronic equipment.

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure that you have notified both employees and customers about the move and the effect this will have on your networks.  The moving of servers means that your networks will be offline while this process is taking place, unless you have in place temporary servers.  Businesses that can ill afford such downtime need to have their brand new servers tested, staged and ready to be made use of from the instant you move into your new office.

It is vital to hire professional movers, as servers and their racks will need to be disassembled very carefully and in the correct manner.  Carts, dollies and other forms of equipment that can ensure the safe transportation of electronics are also required.  You should choose movers who have storage facilities too, in case there is an extended wait prior to you being able to move in.