Moving Back in With Your Parents

Moving Back in With Your Parents

It may be your worst nightmare – moving back in with Mom and Dad – but today, it is happening more and more.  The phenomenon is known as “boomerang kids” and consists of grown children moving back home after college graduation.  However, boomerang kids have existed since the beginning of time.  So, why does this happen?

Money is the key reason grown kids move back home.  Life is expensive and in today’s economy, many college grads simply can’t find a job.  So, they relocate from wherever they live right back into the nest.  Living with Mom and Dad can save thousands of dollars, even if you pay rent to them.

The transition of kids moving back home can take its toll on everyone.  The grown children moving back in may feel that they are stepping back in time and have no freedom; whether it’s real or imagined.  The parents may enjoy having the kids around, but may have gotten used to life without them there all the time.

There are ways to make this move smoother.  For the parents, remember that this is a time when you are not the boss.  You’re more like the coach and are there to help your child through this next phase.  As the adult child moving home, remember to be respectful.  Pitch in where you can and always say, “thank you!”

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