Moving can be easy

Moving can be easy

Getting your life back to normal is probably one of the biggest concerns you have once you move.  When you pack up all of your belongings you should be considering how you could make the move and unpacking easy.  It should be about more than shoving things in boxes, even if you are tired and still working 40 plus hours before your relocation.

Minimize what you plan to move.  This tip cannot be emphasized enough.  If you do not need it or what you have needs to be replaced, get rid of it.  There are plenty of people in the US that enjoy a good garage sale.  You may not get what you think the product is worth, but consider the little money you make.  The money can go towards buying new things.  A donation can be something you deduct on your taxes.  Anything you do not sell or donate can still be packed or simply thrown out.

Did you know someone who accidentally unpacked their DVDs first because they did not label their boxes?  Perhaps they just could not find the box they wanted so started unpacking what they could reach until they found it?  If this sounds like something you have done, or if you know someone else did, then make certain you label your boxes with any ‘unpack first’ boxes color-coded.  Consider red tape or blue tape for the boxes you need to unpack first.  Use general tape for the other boxes.  This method can ensure that you find the boxes you want without having to look too hard.

The internet has offered us a great way to talk with thousands of people.  If you know you are moving and will need supplies, go online.  You may find people are looking to get rid of their extra boxes.  You may have to pay a little, but the chances are that you will pay less.  A business owner may donate the boxes to you for nothing.  Businesses have to contend with cardboard crushers, as they generally send the cardboard to a recycler.  Most businesses are more inclined to donate the boxes to be used again.  More importantly, if someone will use the boxes it means they do not have to take the time to break down the boxes.

The preparations you do will help you follow through on a move successfully.  Even if you are going to move a short distance, it can be most helpful to pack right.  There are some who just use any vehicle they can get their hands on and make multiple trips without using boxes.  For example, someone may use any basket, box, drawer or other container they have and continually refill it and unload it in the same day.  This is harder and it tortures those who help you move.  Instead, pack properly so that you can return to your life where you have your job, your organized home, and the time to have a little fun.  It is all about making moving easier on everyone.

Lance Grooms