Moving Companies for Those Tricky Stairs

Moving Companies for Those Tricky Stairs

Do you live in a five-story building with no elevators?

Where you live or will move into can determine whether you should hire a moving company.  Five story walk-ups are all too present in many cities such as New York.  Moving up and down five flights of stairs with your belongings is no fun.  Even if you have a freight elevator it can still be challenging to move to a new location.

Movers know how to handle these situations better because they are used to moving.  This is why a moving company can not only save your back, but it can also make the move faster.  You might not be tempted to leave all of the furniture behind and buy new stuff you cannot afford if you hire a company to do the heavy lifting.

Still, you need to be aware of what will happen with the move when you have several staircases to walk up and down.  It will take more time because the movers will need to take practical breaks in order to avoid damaging your goods.  Also, if you intend on packing the boxes of your belongings on your own, it is very important that you use small boxes that are packed light.  Do not use a big box and then overload it.  This could cause a lifting issue where the movers have to take one box at a time between two people rather than a box individually.  If something is heavier, mark it so the movers are aware.

Jon Huser