Moving Daily/Weekly Entertainment Programs

Moving Daily/Weekly Entertainment Programs

Summer camps, theme parks and theaters have to keep their list of events and entertainment programs fresh, up to date and timely.  They depend on the entertainers and artists arriving at their appointed venues in time for rehearsal, getting acquainted with the location, having any necessary equipment unpacked on site, electrical work completed, etc.

If you are taking your entertainment program to a new location then it pays to scout out your destination before planning the move.  Visit the site yourself or get advice from a local commercial moving company.  You will need to check that you have easy access to move your equipment in and that it will be stored securely between performances.  Check that there are sufficient electrical outlets.

Look at the space you will be performing in.  Will its size or shape impose any restrictions on your entertainment program?  If you have any equipment you cannot use at the new location, it makes sense to put it in storage rather than move it long distances.

Check out the facilities for care and feeding of artists.  They need to be able to travel to the venue in time for shows and rehearsals, as will the other staff required to put on a show: those looking after scenery, props, lighting and effects.  Are the facilities going to allow an unflustered journey and a timely arrival every time?

Proper planning is the key to all these considerations.  Consult with a trustworthy mover and come up with a detailed, workable plan.

Katie Steil