Moving Everything Successfully in an Office Move

Moving your office can definitely take a lot of time, energy, and money.  So, in order to move everything successfully during your corporate relocation, you need to be prepared.  So, how can you accomplish this?

First of all, any items that you have to move from one location to another should be listed on an inventory sheet.  This means that you need to include boxes of office supplies such as paper and pens as well as all the furniture, decorations, and office equipment.  But, there are more tips you may find useful for your office move.  Read on to learn more.  With that being said, a professional moving company and trained staff will help you to achieve these items before, during and after your move.

Empty the Drawers

While it may seem easier to move things like bookcases, filing cabinets, desks, and shelves with items still stored inside, it isn’t really in your best interest.  You’ll want to take any items inside these pieces and pack them up separately. 

Personal Items

If you’ve hired a moving company for your office’s relocation, you cannot expect the movers to be held responsible for any personal possessions.  Such items might include legal documents, lighters, fountain pens, pictures, plants, money, and other similar things.  Have your staff move their personal items on their own.


All of the contents of every desk should be packed into a separate box.  This means any working documents, letter trays, desk organizers, books, pens, and anything else lying around should be organized and packed.  Remember to protect all glass items with packing paper.

Security Files

When moving sensitive files from one office to another, make sure everything is as secure as possible.  That means locking all filing cabinets when you move.  However, if there are such security regulations, you may need to escort the files or have a manager do so.

Supply Cabinets

All contents of your supply and storage cabinets should also be moved.  Why would you want to buy all of these items again?  Office supplies can get quite pricy.  Simply make sure that the boxes are labeled clearly for the supply room!

Garbage and Trash

Remember, you don’t want to move your garbage and trash.  So, make sure that you throw anything you don’t want to take with you well before moving day.  You may be able to make arrangements with your city to have an industrial dumpster installed temporarily.  The more you throw away, the less you have to move and this will help save you money in the long run.

Access to the New Building

It is absolutely essential that you have access to the new building a few days before the move.  This is a good time to inspect the building, plan out where everything will go, and check into any moving regulations.  If there aren’t any elevators, let the movers know in advance.  (You may be charged for a walk-up building.)  

In order for an office move to run smoothly, there must be thorough planning.  Certified Office Movers will ensure the process is effectively managed, leaving more time for you to focus on making sure the day-to-day operations are maintained.

Gene Salaz