Moving In or Out of Hinkley, California

Moving In or Out of Hinkley, California

Do you remember the name Erin Brockovich? If so, you probably also know the name Hinkley, California. So, would you want to move there even after seeing the Oscar-winning movie of the same name (Erin Brockovich, if you don’t remember.)?

Hinkley is located in the Mojave Desert and was definitely made famous – or infamous – by that blockbuster movie we just mentioned. You may recall that Brockovich helped trace the town’s contaminated water source to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). If you aren’t familiar with the movie or the case, Hinkley’s water contained hexavalent chromium, which is a likely carcinogen.

Erin Brockovich helped win a $333 million class-action lawsuit involving the people of Hinkley, California and PG&E back in 1996.

Though that happened over 15 years ago, the controversy hasn’t gone away. Many people have even moved out of Hinkley and there aren’t too many people that want to move into the area, either. In fact, back in August of this year, The New York Times reported that the same chemical that made so many people sick back then may have recently been found in the water again.

It has been hard for residents to move out of Hinkley because it is difficult to sell properties in the area. Realtors are required to disclose to house hunters that there is likely groundwater contamination, which usually scares people away. Can you blame them? If you were looking at a house with possible water contamination issues, would you want to move there?

Currently, the median home value in Hinkley, California is $139,909 – that’s cheaper than almost 95% of other neighborhoods throughout the state.

Lance Grooms