Moving-In Tasks You Should Remember

Moving-In Tasks You Should Remember

Just because you’ve made it through the packing and movers doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.  Settling into your new home is another aspect of relocation that you need to be ready for.  What should you expect in those first few days?  Obviously having made it through moving day, you can relax – a little.  To make your new life easier you need to go ahead and make a checklist of things to help you get settled.  Here are some things you should remember:

Clean Your New Space

Clean up around your new house before you unpack.  Go ahead and mop the floors, vacuum any carpets, and wipe the counters, sinks, tubs, and toilets down.  Now is a good time to line the kitchen cabinets as well.  There’s no need to start things fresh in a dirty house.

Arrange the Furniture

Placing the large pieces in their new “homes” will be a great help to you as you begin to unpack.  It’s always helpful to make sketches of where all the furniture will go before you move in and get the movers to put all the heavy stuff where you’ve already planned.  No one says you can’t move it all later!


Create a plan for unpacking.  Just make sure you’ve labeled all your boxes clearly so that your unpacking is organized.  Oh, and it’s a good idea to do one room at a time.  Start with the kitchen and bedrooms.

Organize the Closets

This might actually be the only time you ever do this, so start organizing the closets now!  And if you didn’t do it before the move, go ahead and get rid of all those old clothes and shoes you no longer wear.

Jon Huser