Moving in the military

Moving in the military

Being a part of the military can often mean multiple moves during your career.  The first move is often the most difficult, but once you have undergone a few moves around the US or an international relocation, you will have everything down.

With military moving you may not know that you need to move in advance.  You may be given three months or less to move.  It is best to learn as soon as possible when you have to move and when you need to be at the new location.  You may need to leave your family behind as you get to the new location before they do.  If at all possible it is best to start planning three months before you move, so that as the time draws near you are able to prepare for the move with ease.

There are about eight checklists you can use to keep yourself and your family on track with regards to the move.  These checklists are usable for three months up to the wrap up after you arrive at your new location.  Checklists can be created by you or found online.  The point is that you will want to make it easy to move, so examining a checklist that has everything blocked out can be the best way to move.

Moving is about getting your belongings to your new home in the safest, easiest and most affordable manner, whether it is through a moving company or a rental truck due to budget constraints.

Rick Wozniak