Moving into Mercury House One

Moving into Mercury House One

Growing up, you probably had fantasies about moving away from earth and living in outer space or at the very least living on another planet. Well, by moving into the Mercury House One, you may get your wish – but all while staying firmly planted on our current planet, Earth.

Mercury House One is a unique architectural wonder. It was designed by Architecture and Vision, an Italian-based firm. Overall, the structure is very futuristic – habitable pods tend to give that impression. The Mercury House One is ideal for anyone who wants to move into a greener home. In fact, the firm that designed it refers to it as a mobile living unit since it is solar-powered and stands on three feet.

You access the Mercury House One via a ramp. How cool (and futuristic) is that?

So, what inspired this strange little house? Mercury House One was actually inspired by nature. Therefore, we can imagine that all those tree-huggers out there would love to move in right away. The shape is reminiscent of a raindrop. The shape is intended to optimize the relationship between the inner volume of the house and the outer surface of the structure.

Overall, we think the concept as a whole is intended to allow inhabitants to enjoy not only their space but also the tranquility of nature. But, the designers know that anyone moving in may not want to be totally disconnected from the rest of the world. The Mercury One House comes complete with modern lighting, video, and audio technology.

Lance Grooms