Moving Movie Sets – Literally!

Moving Movie Sets – Literally!

There are times during the making of a movie that the shoot for the next scene needs to be shot in another location, maybe even cross-border; and moving a movie set from one location to another can be a logistical and time-consuming nightmare.

You need to get in touch with some trustworthy movers.  These people will listen to your requirements and customize the relocation plan accordingly, whether it is for a low budget movie or a blockbuster.   A trustworthy moving company will co-ordinate the logistics of the entire move, whether it is interstate or far-flung liaising with both the location producer and the set producer.

Personnel are usually transported to their new location in hired cars or buses.   The equipment, much of which is valuable, will be insured and transported in strong containers on the relocation company’s truck.  Some mover companies will even help you set up for the next shoot so that you do not waste valuable time.

Remember, with any relocation, whether it is a commercial or residential move, things can go wrong.  So listening to your transportation coordinator and preparing in advance will ensure the move of the set and crew goes smoothly.  In addition, take into account that on the day of the move, there will be many people milling about from cast to crew to the movers themselves.  If the movers wear plain clothes, issue them with some form of identity badge.  Usually, however, the movers wear a uniform making themselves deliberately conspicuous.

The importance of hiring a licensed and trustworthy moving company should ensure a successful move and a happy cast and crew.

Katie Steil