Moving Overseas with your Pets

Moving Overseas with your Pets

Do you have a pet? If so, do you consider your animal a member of your family? Chances are, you probably do. So, including them in a move to another country may seem obvious, but what is right for your pet?

Moving overseas is a huge decision, and that’s just when you’re considering the relocation for just the human members of your family. Leaving your pet behind or moving them with you to a new country can be a tricky decision. The main thing to remember is to consider what is best for your pet.

Things to Consider When Moving Overseas

The climate of your new country and the age of your pet are definitely two main factors to consider when moving overseas. However, have you done your research on the culture to which you’ll be moving? What you think is a beloved pet may not be seen as such in the new country. In fact, some countries just aren’t pet-friendly. You’ll also need to consider the paperwork and documentation you’ll need in order to move internationally with your pet.

So, the first step in deciding if you should move your pet overseas is to figure out what the attitudes relating to animals in your new country actually are. A good starting point is the consulate, as well as your transportation carrier. Find out what the pet-entry requirements are. See how your pet will be transported overseas. Any pet moving company will also be able to help you with any country-specific questions.

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