Moving to a House with a Septic System

Moving to a House with a Septic System

Moving is definitely exciting and can open up a few new doors in your life.  Moving to a new house with a septic system when you didn’t have one before is especially interesting!  We’ve put together some things you’ll need to know.

Septic System 101

If you’ve moved into a house with its own septic system, you should know that there are two basic components to any septic system – the septic tank and the leaching field. The system works when the waste flows from the house to the septic system with organic solids floating to the top of the tank and inorganic solids floating to the bottom. Organic solids are naturally converted to liquid by bacteria. Sludgy and liquid layers float to the leaching field or the surrounding soil.

Septic System Failure

Though you may not want to imagine it, some septic systems can fail. This can happen if you don’t service or maintain your system properly, which is a big mistake many people make when they move into a house that has a septic system.  The leaching field can get clogged and things can overflow!

You can prevent septic system failure after you move into your new home (or in the house you currently live) as long as you don’t add too many unnatural chemicals to the system that might kill the bacteria. You should also have a professional check your tank every so often.

Lance Grooms