Moving to Elsmere, Kentucky

Moving to Elsmere, Kentucky

For anyone moving to northern Kentucky, the town of Elsmere should be at the top of your list of places to consider. The small town was established all the way back in 1896 and has been going strong ever since.

Situated just about 15 miles outside of Cincinnati, Elsmere is a great place to move with the whole family. With a population of 8,653 and a median family income of about $61,500, Elsmere offers all of the small town charm you can handle with a very close proximity to a large city. Many Elsmere residents commute to Cincinnati for work every day.

If you’ve got kids in school, check out the school district before you move. But, we can tell you that Elsmere shares its school district with the nearby town of Erlanger and between the two towns there are four elementary schools, a middle school, and one high school.

It’s worth mentioning that Elsmere’s median family income is higher than the state’s average, which is promising for people hoping to find decent paying work once they move. And because the household income is above state average, the prices of homes in the area have leveled off, despite the housing market crisis. The average home value, as of late last year, was at about $100,000.

Although Elsmere may not be for everyone, it is worth consideration if you are moving into the Cincinnati area and don’t want to live in the city proper. If you aren’t convinced Elsmere is right for your family, why not check out Ludlow.

Jon Huser.