Moving to England?

Moving to England?

Moving to England is a big step.  There is so much to think about ranging from how to get all of your things to the UK to where your kids will go to school to what kind of living arrangements you will have.  To top it off, if you’re moving with a pet, there are a whole slew of rules and regulations you’ll need to learn about.

When you move to the UK from the US, you have one advantage – speaking English.  If you don’t speak any other language, moving to England may be the right choice for you!  You won’t have to learn too much, but do remember that UK English is much different than we speak here.  There are different idioms and slightly different spelling variations, so be ready.

The weather is also something you will need to prepare for when you move to England.  There is a seemingly constant drizzle throughout England, so be sure to bring all the rain gear you have when you move!  Because the climate can also be quite chilly, pack your winter clothing as well.

Living in England is not very different from living in the United States as far as modern amenities go.  You can hit up the ATM machine to get your cash, it will just come out in pounds.  It is a good idea to open a British bank account and purchase local health insurance as you will find that US healthcare plans will not cover you in the UK after you move.

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