Moving to Michigan? Consider Spring Arbor

Moving to Michigan? Consider Spring Arbor

If you are getting ready to relocate to Michigan, do you know where to go? Perhaps you already live in the state and want a new start with the family. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, but if you are moving within or to Michigan, you should really take a look at Spring Arbor.

Spring Arbor is a pretty small town – just take a look at the population coming in at just 2,332! Believe it or not, Spring Arbor is actually a tiny college town, located smack dab in the middle of Michigan farmland. The town is the home of Spring Arbor University’s main campus, which is a liberal arts college with over 2,000 students. So, just like the town, the college is relatively small as well.

Any family looking for a laid-back ‘college town’ feel will definitely get that when they move to Spring Arbor. Spring Arbor maintains a rural ambience and has plenty of parks for the kids to play in. In fact, when you visit the area to look for homes, check out Lime Lake – residents swim, fish, and picnic there in the summer. It’s a main draw. Oh, and the median family income is about $70,000, so you’ll find homes priced accordingly.

As Spring Arbor is essentially a small college town, the population does ebb and flow with the coming and going of school semesters as students move in and out. In the summer, the town is a sleepy little place that’s great for raising a family. In the school season, it’s more bustling, but still very relaxed.

If Spring Arbor isn’t for you, let us suggest Marysville. Let us know what you think!

Jon Huser