Moving to the Northeast in May? Lots of Blooms

Moving to the Northeast in May? Lots of Blooms

Most of us consider the month of April to be full of spring showers that lead to May flowers and there are certainly plenty of blossoms to be seen during the fifth month of the year.  Consider this a guide if you are moving to the northeastern part of the United States and want an idea of what kind of blooms you can expect.


Cherry Blossoms


Throughout the month of April and into May, many states have Hanami Festivals scheduled.  It is hard to miss the gorgeous cherry blossoms throughout the spring.  If you want to grow such a tree, be sure that your house has a suitable location where it can get full sun.




The great magnolias impress many people who move to the northeast from the south or west.  In fact, May is just the beginning, these very arromatic blooms will be around for most of the hot summer in this region.  Supple white and pale pink, the star magnolia is a great favorite.




The crabapple tree is a small, cute tree that many people have in their yards in the northeast.  The tree looks both tangled and elegant sporting cuplike blossoms ranging from white to burgundy red.



If you talk to anyone who has moved away from the northeast, they may tell you the flower they miss most is the lilac.  It is actually one of the most loved scents in the world.  In the northeast, it is common to see hedges of lilac blooming with purple, blue, white, and pink colors.

Katie Steil