Moving with a Car Collection?

Moving with a Car Collection?

If you’re one of those tycoons that has a huge car collection, have we found the house for you! So, if you are moving to the Tahoe area, read on! You may just want to move in right now!

Recently listed for just under $50 million, there is a property housing a 12,000 square-foot mammoth garage. The two-story structure is so large that you can fit up to nine (yes, we said nine) full-size school buses inside.

Sitting on 4.3 acres, the Incline Village, New York property also has quite the landscaping. There is a 90,000-gallon manmade waterfall, tons of aspens, pines, and maple trees planted throughout the winding network of paths. There are two private docks and two buoys – just for those extra boats you’ll be moving with.

Oh, and did we mention there are three houses? Well, there are.

If you have always wanted a huge garage with a manmade waterfall and three houses, this is probably your dream property. But, if you’d rather just move into a single house, the owners are willing to sell the estate piecemeal. Here are some details of the individual houses, in case you’re interested.

The Park View House is listed at $6.9 million and is a 4,277 square-foot house with 29 feet of lakefront and a private entrance. The Lakeview House is listed for $9.3 million and has its own half-acre lot with 63 feet of lakefront. The Main House is nestled on one acre, is 10,695 square-feet, and is listed at $14.9 million.

They’re also listing the Carriage House (with the garage) for $8.9 million as well as a buildable lot for $9.9 million. Ready to move to Tahoe?

Jon Huser