Moving With Your Teenager

Moving With Your Teenager

Moving with your teenagerAs a parent you probably know how difficult it is raise a teenager, so you may be dreading relocating your teen.  Moving can be hard on the whole family, but particularly on your teenager.   Though these tips may not get you off scot-free, they are likely to help make moving with your teenager a little less painful.

1.     Let your teen know you understand their pain about moving.  Talk to them openly and honestly about the move.

2.     Listen to your kids.  Let them explain their fears and be calm when you answer their questions about moving.

3.     Remind your kids that there are plenty of ways of keeping in touch with their friends.  Email, web cams, VoIP phones, and even the regular telephone.

4.     Throw a going-away party for your teen and their special friends.  Take a lot of pictures and put together a photo album for your teen.

5.     Keep your teenager involved in your moving plans.  Include your child when you go house hunting and perhaps have your web savvy teen help research the new city.

6.     If your child has a special interest or hobby, let them find a new instructor or club before .

7.     Do some research on local fashion trends, teen hangouts, and sports teams so your teen can join in some normal activities after the move.

8.     Schedule your move for the summer months, so that your child doesn’t miss any school.  This way, your teen will be able to acclimatize.

Lance Grooms