Moving Your Plants

Moving Your Plants

Ask anyone who has garden or houseplants and they will tell you that moving those plants isn’t always an easy task.  While you cannot pack up and take all your plants with you and full-service moving companies cannot move your live plants in their trucks, there is no reason to leave living plants behind during relocation.  In order to transport your plants safely, keep our suggestions in mind.

We must first remember that our houseplants are very sensitive – they are living things after all.  Plants are sensitive to heat, cold, light, and dark.  During a move, potted plants can easily become damaged or even unpotted.  But, you can easily prevent these mishaps with some simple preparation.

A few days before you move, stop watering the plants you want to transport.  When you get to the new house, you can rehydrate them.  Watering your plants before a move will likely result in spillage and mess.

When moving potted plants, take some time to untangle any branches carefully.  Then, if they fit, place them into strong grocery bags, with a piece of cardboard at the bottom. This will help your plants stay in place and make your life a lot easier.

Larger plants can be transported in bigger trash bags.  Simply pull the bag up over the branches and leaves.  Always make sure that the opening is toward the top of the plant, not the bottom.  If you have boxes or crates large enough, use them to move the plants.  Because your plants are sensitive to the heat and cold and you’re driving to your new location, make sure that you place the living plants in your vehicle last.  When you get to the new house, give your plants a good drink of water and let them just soak it up.  You’ll also want to take a misting bottle and moisten the leaves, branches, and stalks.

Katie Steil