Moving your possessions abroad

Moving your possessions abroad

You have made the decision.  Whether for pleasure, career or for a whole range of different reasons, you have decided to move abroad.  One thing is certain after that, however, and this is that the decision to move abroad will create an endless number of checklists that you will need to make sure are all checked off prior to your relocation to your new home.

One of the items that will be on the very top of the list will be how to send your beloved belongings to your new home with you.  There are a number of things that must be done in order to successfully guarantee a reasonably priced and stress-free move.

From the moment the decision to go abroad has been made, you should begin separating out your belongings into which things absolutely need to go with you, which things can be given away, and which (if any) might need to be placed in storage while you are gone.  Space might be required for separating these items out, so it is a good idea to designate an area such as a big closet, bedroom or garage for the divided items.

Another good tip is to have a garage sale about a month before you are due to leave.  This will not only help to get rid of the items you definitely do not need or want anymore, but will also create some space to help with organizing the leftovers and earn you a couple of extra dollars as well.

Jon Huser