my BMS Moving & Storage Spotlight- Chris Lantz

The my BMS Moving & Storage family is proud of the hard work that employees put forth each and every day. This blog will be updated twice monthly with an article “spotlighting” a BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. or BMS Moving & Storage employee. We’ve seen co-workers express gratitude for their colleagues and we’re proud to promote a program that brings the my BMS Moving & Storage family even closer together.

Chris Lantz, Director of Military Operations, Warrenville, ILThis week we’ve chosen to shine the my BMS Moving & Storage Spotlight on Chris Lantz, Director of Military Operations, based out of the Office of Administration in Warrenville, IL.

Growing up, Chris always dreamed of working in the relocation industry. Well, not really, but like many within the industry he fell into it. He began his career with BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. in the call center with little to no knowledge of the relocation industry. Over the next five plus years, Chris fell in love with the industry and rose to his current position as Director of Military Operations.

What Chris enjoys the most about his career are the challenges that he has to overcome day to day and that, “It’s not a normal pencil pushing desk job that you do the same thing day in and day out.” He also enjoys the people he works with adding, “I work with a great team as well as management to overcome obstacles and without them my job would be a lot harder.”  Rick Wozniak, Sr. VP Worldwide Operations, said “He understands and works well with complex and challenging assignments.  It is my pleasure to have Chris on our team and know that he will be successful in any role he takes on and always has a positive morale.”

Chris’s hard work does not go unnoticed.  Wozniak added, “Chris is clearly personable and has a genuine ability to connect with his colleagues at all levels. He is one employee who goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer is receiving the quality service that they deserve.

Away from work Chris enjoys playing sports, he especially likes football and basketball.  When not tossing or dribbling the ball he likes to relax and read a good book which may also help to combat the grey hairs he gets from his fast paced job that never gets old.

Chris’s story of success is very similar to many within the relocation industry in that he has gone from knowing nothing about it to building a passion for it. His hard work and dedication shine through not only in his daily accomplishments but in his overall career. For these reasons, and many more, we’re proud to have Chris as part of the my BMS Moving & Storage family!