National Bologna Day

National Bologna Day

National Bologna is believed to take place on 24th October each year although, given the subject matter, it is entirely possible that this may actually be a load of baloney! This is because although Bologna is the correct spelling, it is frequently misspelled as ‘Baloney’ instead.

Bologna is actually a sausage that is generally made use of in the form of luncheon meat, which is a fact that moms and dads and children are only too well aware of.  There are quite a number of different kinds of Bologna, however.  There is the standard form of Bologna with which the great majority of people are familiar, but there is also German Bologna, Kosher Bologna, Beef Bologna, and many more besides.  Depending on the type of Bologna, it could include such ingredients as beef, chicken, pork and spices.

As you may have realized by now, enjoying National Bologna Day is not terribly difficult.  All you need to do is have some Bologna, be it in the form of a sandwich or even fried Bologna.  Just do not forget to bring the condiments or the meal may not cut the mustard, as they say.

The origins of the day are shrouded in mystery, although there are many references to it on calendar and ecard sites.  It can only be hoped that by the time National Bologna Day draws to a close, you and all of your family and friends are all completely full of Baloney!