National Green Building Awards

National Green Building Awards

We think that National Moving Month is an appropriate time to announce the National Green Building Award.  So, we are excited to share with you that an Athens, Georgia-based company nabbed the 13th annual prize this year.  The prize was handed out in Salt Lake City, Utah and went to Imery Group.

The National Association of Home Builders, also known as NAHB, distributed the award.  So, what did this award-winning house look like?  We’re ready to move in, now!

First of all, the house has three bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms.  It is a single family home that was also the Project of the Year for the small builder.  Interestingly, the house doesn’t cost very much in the scope of things – just $189,500.  That’s pretty reasonable if you ask us, so you could be moving into a green house much sooner than you might think!

The eco-friendly home is the first of such designs by Imery Group.  The NAHB had quite a selection to choose from, but the winning design was singled out since it stayed way ahead of the curve in current homebuilding standards.  In fact, the house pushes the envelope when it comes to resource efficiency and energy conservation.

Today, almost everyone wants to do something for the environment, so we’re happy to see that more and more homebuilders are jumping on the bandwagon and moving in this direction.  We think the trend might be partially due to the fact that the U.S. is giving tax breaks and other rewards for going green.

Lance Grooms